Knee Multi ligament Injury

The normal knee has got 4 primary ligaments which stabilize it. These include the Anterior Cruciate Ligament[ACL], the Posterior Cruciate Ligament [PCL], the Medial Collateral Ligament [MCL] and the Lateral Collateral Ligament [LCL]. The MCL and LCL are complex structures and they along with their associated stabilizers are called the Posteromedial Corner and Posterolateral Corner respectively.

By definition when two or more ligaments of the knee are injured simultaneously it is called Multi-ligament Injury[MLI]. Multiligament injury to the knee is a complex problem and need specialized and individualized treatment strategy. These are generally high velocity injuries and may be associated with injury to other neighboring structures also.

An MRI along with clinical examination and X-rays will give a full picture of the extent of injury to the ligaments of the knee. MLI are treated with combined open and arthroscopic surgical techniques. The injured ligaments may be repaired or reconstructed based on the type of injury and when the patients is seen. Earlier the results of treatment of such injuries were not satisfactory. With advances in arthroscopic techniques and better understanding of knee anatomy and biomechanics the results of treatment of MLI of knee is becoming better with each passing day.


Disclaimer: These are  general description of the medical condition . This does not constitute medical advice. Each patient is different and the patient’s treatment has to be undertaken after consultation with your Orthopaedic Surgeon. These  for patient’s information alone and shall not have any legal or treatment implications.

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