Why Choose BCC?

Bone Care Clinic [BCC] has been providing the best Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy [Key Hole surgery] and orthopedic care to people of Bangalore and surrounding places from 2015. BCC is a healthcare facility with a long-standing tradition of excellence and service. Bone Care Clinic is headed by Dr Vinay Kumaraswamy who is a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon trained in India and the UK. He specializes in treatment of Arthritis, sports injuries, fractures and orthopaedic ailments. Joint replacement surgeries [Arthroplasty], Shoulder and Knee problems and arthroscopy [Key Hole] Surgeries are his areas of specialization.With a complete team of specialists, excellent physiotherapists and supporting staff, BCC is your one stop place for the best orthopaedic treatment in the city of Bangalore. From fractures to torn ligaments to joint replacements, let our experts get you off the sidelines and Back to Active Life.

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