Enjoy our Client’s Feedback

Mr Anupam

Manager, Supply Chain, Myntra

Dr Vinay Kumaraswamy is exceptional at his job. I had met a plethora of doctors before i got Dr Vinay’s contact through a common friend. Not being originally from the city of Bangalore, I had apprehensions in visiting doctors from here. I had been suffering from post viral arthralgia..[hope it is correct], which is nothing but joint pains over ankle and wrist over couple of months. Dr Vinay was very acute in his understanding of my problem and his advice in terms medicines and  diagnostic tests were very helpful.

Mrs Akila K

I am a patient of ACL ligament tear. I am incredibly fortunate to have been treated by Dr Vinay Kumaraswamy, who is one the most caring, empathetic and proffesional doctors. He was very kind and was able to understand the pain I was in. I explained the problem well with diagrams and MRI. He took extra care during and after the knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction surgery so that we had a smooth experience. Highly recommended for orthopaedic issues.


Dr Balaksrishna S

Surgical Gastroenterologist, AIIMS, New Delhi

I was suffering from neck pain and had an intolerable pain in my right arm. I consulted Dr Vinay for the same and found relief in his treatment in hours. He seemed to be extremely dedicated and caring. He took time to explain the cause of my pain and the right treatment it required including the physiotherapy I needed. He followed up with a phone call to enquire how my pain had responded., which I feel is a very admirable thing in him which is lacking in most doctors these days. I would definitely recommend Dr Vinay for any orthopaedic issues for effective and immediate treatment.

Mr Vinuthan M

Lecturer, East West College, Bangalore

I had a meniscus tear and i got operated by Dr Vinay Kumaraswamy for the same. Dr Vinay perfomed the arthroscopic surgery effectively and now i am fit and strong. He surely is a great doctor and I can’t thank him enough. Love the way he cares for his patients.