Shoulder Instability

Shoulder is one of the most versatile joints in the human body. It allows a great range of mobility and hence we are able to perform varieties of tasks. However it comes at a cost. Shoulder is also the most unstable joint in the body and dislocation\ recurrent dislocations are frequent occurrence. Stability for shoulder is provided by multiple factors including the surrounding muscles and a tough fibrocartilageous rim called as glenoid labrum.

Single episode of shoulder dislocation can be treated with rest and subsequent muscle strengthening. However recurrent unilateral shoulder dislocation will need surgery. An MRI and and a CT scan is usually advised to study the structures involved and to determine the extent of involvement. This is best done using arthroscopic [Key hole] surgery. Most frequently the torn glenoid labrum is reattached to its native bones with implants called suture anchors.


Disclaimer: These are  general description of the medical condition . This does not constitute medical advice. Each patient is different and the patient’s treatment has to be undertaken after consultation with your Orthopaedic Surgeon. These  for patient’s information alone and shall not have any legal or treatment implications.

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